Project StartUp

Our project starts from the client project

PERAR’s projects start with our Client projects, PERAR Ball Valves are created to custom satisfy the Client requirements. Perar’s Engineering Department is always able to assist, study, design and test new product with different technical solutions in strict collaboration with the project with the purpose to find a better product. This is an activity that starts during the bidding and engineering phase, up to the commissioning and after sales service which is extended for the valve life.

Cad & Fea

Perar design is led by Cad design process

Computerisation has been applied to all sector of activity: quotation and sales, design and engineering, technology research and development, materials and production control, finished product inspection and testing. Documentation, certificates, SPIR and procedures can be issued in electronic format. Perar’s technical Department has a full CAD design and engineering system, consisting of 8 workstations equipped with AutoCAD ver.14 as design software and Math Cad Professional 2001 for calculation notes, dedicated PC for Finite Element Analysis (F.E.A.), Simulation Programs. Integrated computer systems including hardware is available in all the Departments: General Administration, Manufacture / Fabrication, Planning, Design, Certification and Quality Control. Drawings are produced using a CAD system. The shop drawings for components and related geometrical data are sent straight to the shop CAM unit, which makes programs for the numerically controlled machines.

Raw Material

The right material for the right job

The most common materials are: Carbon steel; Stainless steel; Duplex, super Duplex, Titanium, Incoloy, 6MO, Inconel, & Special Alloy on custom requirements.

Perar’s in-house process is able to guarantee the fastest time-to-market available for such kinds of special materials obtained by a proprietary process, tuned by 10 years and more of R&D.

NC & parts production

Quality is assured by a global Cad-Cam System.

The machining and manufacturing area is divided in two lines, one for small sizes, mainly floating valve and trunnion valves up to 16”, the second line for medium /large size up to 60”.
No 4 C.N.C. Horizontal Lathes for cast or forged valves, sizes up to 60”
No 9 C.N.C. Vertical Lathes 2/3 M Diameter piece capacity for valve size up to 60”
No 2 C.N.C. Parallel Lathes No 5 C.N.C. Machining centre for valve sizes up to 60”
No 4 C.N.C. Drilling machining
No 3 C.N.C. Ball turning / grinding machines capacity up to 60”
No 9 C.N.C. Lathes for bar stock valves No 4 Lathes / Cutter


The Assembly phase is not the end of the process but….

.. but the beginning of the most important part of Perar’s production process: Assembly, Welding and Testing. The Assembly area is divided into 3 lines, for small, middle and large sizes.The Welding facility consists of:

No 6 Submerged Arc Welding stations for valve sizes up to 60”
No 4 Gas Metal Arc Welding stations for overlay/cladding on valves sizes up to 60”
No 3 Gas Metal Arc Welding Mobile machines
No 5 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Mobile machines
No 6 Couple of rolling positioners with a capacity up to 60tons.

The quality is assured by the process itself which includes for every stage of the operation a specific final functional test.


Testing: That’s Perar Quality …..

Modern equipment is available to allow a smooth progress for the most demanding orders, meeting any international specifications: No 11 Test Benches for Hydraulic – Pneumatic Test to cover full range of API 6D and API 6A sizes 1/2” to 60”.
A dedicated and segregated area is available for special testing such as:
Cryogenic at minus 196° C with Helium/Nitrogen gas
Abrasive condition test
Fire test
Hyperbaric testing in hyperbaric chambers. Additional qualified personnel have recently been hired.

Please note that the following testing activities/equipment (NDT and NDE) are available at our works:
Visual check
MPI – Magnetic particle inspection
DPI – Dye penetrant inspection
UT- Ultrasonic test PMI- Positive material identification
Fugitive emission (Helium test)

Finish & shipping

Perar: ready to be shipped anywhere on the globe…

Perar: ready to be shipped anywhere on the globe…
PERAR ball valves are ready to be shipped into the most remote areas of the world.
We will be where our Clients need our products. Products leave the Perar plant after a total regime of testing, painted and ready for the required shipping method with adequate protection. Everything is optimized to reduce to the lowest level possible the enviromental impact, and to satisfy the later field assembly requirements.
Every product has its own related documentation and certification.
A database of every part is maintained in-house to supply the spare parts required for a complete lifetime.


Perar customer Services: our products are never alone..

Customer Services are in contact with the client from the bidding and engineering phase, up to commissioning and after sales.
Extending across the whole valve life. A product manager inside PERAR’s staff will be devoted to the clients order from order commencement to the completion of delivery. Furthermore, daily contact with our customer, always gives them the opportunity to know the status of his goods within our operation.

This gives the possibility to know and solve in good time any problems,identify new alternatives and solutions and know the items status in real time within the production process.